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Auto Detailing

Pressure Washing

Marine Detailing

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Our automotive services range from our in depth interior detail to our showroom exterior wash and wax. All services provided will increase both looks and longevity of your vehicle.

  • Deep Wheel and Tire Cleaning

  • Pressure Rinse

  • Spray Foam

  • 2nd Pressure Rinse

  • Hand Wash All Exterior Surfaces

  • 3rd Pressure Rinse

  • Clean Air and Hand Dry

  • Ceramic Wax Application

  • Trunk/Truck Bed Wash-down

Full Detail

($195 Sedan, $225 Hybrid/SUV, $255 Large SUV/Truck)

Add On/Substitutes :

Headlight Restoration- $100

Engine Bay Cleaning- $40

Carpet Cleaning- $45

Trim Restoration- $20

(Prices may vary depending on condition of vehicle)

  • Air Compress

  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Moderate Pet Hair Removal

  • Full Steam Clean

  • Surface Decontamination

  • Seat Cleaning/Stain Removal

  • Soft Hair Brush on all surfaces

  • Air Vent Cleaning

  • Cupholder Cleaning

  • Full Clean of All Leather, Plastics, and Vinyl

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Air Freshener


(Wash & Wax)


(Renew & Refresh)

($95 Sedan, $115 Hybrid/SUV, $135 Large SUV/Truck)

($115 Sedan, $130 Hybrid/SUV, $145 Large SUV/Truck)

Automotive Detailing

(2-3 Hr Turnaround Time)

(1-2 Hr Turnaround Time)

Add Layer of Ceramic Wax- $20

Iron and Tar Removal + Clay Bar- $45

Leather Seat Conditioner- $15

Sub Layer of Paint Sealant- $60

Pressure Washing




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Marine Detailing

Our Marine Services include different packages for both interior and exterior details depending on the condition of your vessel

Basic Package


  • Vacuum

  • Pressure Wash

  • Spray Foam Clean

  • Seat Cleaning

  • Seat Protection

  • Window Cleaning


  • Pressure Wash

  • Spray Foam Clean

  • Ceramic Spray

  • Hand Dry


Signature Package


  • Basic Interior Detail

  • Compartment Cleaning

  • Gauge Polishing

  • Window Coating (RainX)

  • Fiberglass Polishing


  • Basic Exterior Detail

  • Medium Cut Polish

  • Paint Sealant (8-12 M)



About Us

Welcome to Fokas Detailing, where we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch detailing services for your cars, boats, driveways, and decks.

Our owner, Niko Fokas, is born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and brings a unique blend of personal connection and professional expertise to each project. Niko is currently pursuing a degree in Business at the University of Alabama, equipping himself with the knowledge and skills to ensure Fokas Detailing operates with excellence and integrity. His commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every job we undertake.

At Fokas Detailing, we understand that your vehicle, boat, and home exterior are more than just possessions—they're investments. We offer meticulous detailing services to keep them looking their best, using only the finest products and techniques. Whether you're looking to restore the shine to your car, pressure wash your boat, or refresh your driveway and deck, we've got you covered. Fokas Detailing is committed to making sure our clients are always satisfied.

Thank you for choosing Fokas Detailing. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations.

The Team

Our team at Fokas Detailing is comprised of dedicated professionals who share a common bond: their love for Charleston, South Carolina. As Charleston natives, each member uniquely understands our community's needs and values. This local connection ensures we provide personalized and attentive service to every client.

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